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MANAGEMENT | Armdale Poll Dorset Stud


Quality Genetics: Armdale believe in producing rams that are paddock reared, so that they will continue to thrive while they are working. Many clients are now using Armdale rams over Merino and composite ewes with excellent results, both over the hook and in the yards. Meat buyers recognise the outstanding quality of Armdale sired lambs and regularly source their genetics both privately and through the saleyards.

Joining: Approximately 500 ewes are joined annually to six elite sires, with approximately three hundred ewes artificially inseminated each year. Two thirds of the ewes are joined for an Autumn lambing, with the remaining third held over for a Spring lambing. Consistently achieving an annual lambing percentage of around 130-140%.

Rowan Farmer - Stockscan NZ

Stud Records: All sheep are fully recorded and we can supply complete pedigree data on all sheep within our stud.

Stockscan: Stockscan Performance recording is used within the studs, which gives an accurate assessment for eye-muscle-area (width and depth) and enables us to continually increase the muscle whilst controlling fat, producing a meatier, high yielding carcass. This enables us to provide figures that clients can easily relate to.

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